e-Skool provides an affordable online presence for schools, where Parents can have access to their children's academic performance and discipline. Teachers can publish their lesson plans and test results. Principals can have access to more efficient ways to gather, analyze, and improve school operations.

A school website is the most effective marketing tool to attract new parents

  • Keep everyone informed about your school's identity, teaching methodologies, facilities, admission procedures, etc...
  • Pick a professional design from our ready-made themes or create your own design
  • Update your school website in minutes
  • Multi-lingual (English, Arabic, French)
  • Build powerful relationships with current and potential parents

"e-Skool services increased parents' trust in the school and created a transparent portal with efficient communication!"

Ahliah School

Involve parents and significantly improve students' achievements

Assist parents in monitoring their children's academic performance by publishing:

  • Exam schedules
  • Homework assignments
  • Learning objectives
  • Test results
  • Attendance
  • Conduct

Principal Perspective: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Principals play an essential role in promoting the effective and efficient use of data for school improvement.

Before e-Skool, principals had to go to multiple places and websites to access information ranging from attendance and student test scores to teacher evaluations and parent involvement.

Now everything is in one place so that principals can access it quickly, 24 hours a day.

Technology that lets teachers do what they do best... teach

An easy-to-use system for teachers is without a doubt the most important and pre-requisite for building a successful online presence.

If there is one thing that differentiates ourselves from our competitors it is our easy-to-use system.

With unlimited storage, e-Skool let teachers share files and videos, add test results, create lesson plans, assign homework, schedule exam dates, and connect to other teachers.

"e-Skool facilitated follow-up of teachers' daily work & strengthened their relationship with their coordinators."

Mesrobian High School

Online surveys are being increasingly required to promote data-based decision making

For effective school improvement to be achieved, principals must establish a culture for using data, provide resources and protocols for data to be collected and used successfully.

  • Create Surveys: Write your own questions or select from libraries of questions and templates.
  • Distribute Surveys: Send your survey via a link on your school website to all or specific groups of parents, teachers, and/or students.
  • Compile Reports: Organize your survey responses into comprehensive reports.

Better service starts with better communication

Schools need a tool, which will keep pace with their communication with parents. e-Skool brings all your parents'conversations into one place.

  • Create rules to automate the way tickets are handled. For example, assign a ticket to a team member based on who they come from.
  • Add private notes that only you and your team can see. Ask questions, make suggestions, or review messages from new team members before they're sent to parents.
  • See exactly what is happening in e-Skool real-time. You'll know when tickets are assigned, completed, or reopened.

What our clients are saying about e-Skool

Dr. Ahmad S. Alame
Principal at Saint George Schools

Ms. Rania Harb
Director at Collège Saint François